Monday, August 18, 2008

It Lives!

I don't know where my camera is or I'd have lots of pictures.

I finished my mom's scarf last week. It was 2x2 ribbing in Claudia's Handpaints Sport in Ocean Depths. It came out very pretty, if a tad short.

I am still, believe it or not, deliberating on how to finish Lady Eleanor. She's finally complete, but she needs fringe or something.

Tonight, I started Edgar for a co-worker. She's someone I have lots of conflicts with, but as I discovered knitting for my mom, it's a lot easier to think pleasant thoughts about someone when you're knitting lovely, yummy yarn up for them. I'm using Noro Silk Garden in color 47, a black/brown/grey colorway.

My next project for me is the Braided Pullover from the fall Interweave Knits. My LYS had enough Cascade Lana d'Oro in Regal purple for me to start right away. They are currently looking for another skein of Cascade Eco Wool in silver, so I can knit the Susie Hoodie this fall. I think it will look lovely in natural silver wool.