Saturday, June 30, 2007

Progress pics

Skunk on the Lady Eleanor - looks cosy, doesn't he?

Poodle in progress - not much to look at yet

Friday, June 29, 2007

More poodle!

I have finished the number of rounds in the pattern, but I don't think it's tall enough. I've been using the desk cleaner at work as the sample, but I think I really need to measure it against an air freshener can, preferably the same kind that my victim,er, recipient uses. Just from the small amount I've crocheted, I'm already building up a callus from the acrylic. I need to work wool for a while. Maybe this weekend. I have a gorgeous aran purse kit that I bought at Knitting Arts in Saratoga that I really ought to start on. It looks splendidly complex and it's a lovely tweedy cream-colored wool.

Or I could, you know, work on my neglected Lady Eleanor. The yarn makes me so cranky, though, it's almost as bad to work with as acrylic.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poodle is begun!

I started on the poodle yesterday at lunchtime. Since I had to run errands at lunch, I only got to round 5 on the body. I haven't crocheted in ages, so it took a couple of minutes to get up to speed. The H hook I have is fuschia, which definitely clashes with the bright pink, but I'm perserving. When I crochet the skunk, the hook will show up quite nicely against the black yarn. I'll post pictures when there's more to show.

After lunch:
I've finished another 8 rounds on the body. Now it looks like a small-ish beer can cozy. Maybe a beer bottle cozy? It's extremely bright pink. I think I may go blind before I finish. I'm using Caron Simply Soft Brites in Watermelon. If you've never seen this color in person, believe me, your monitor does not do it justice. I'll try to take pictures tonight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Farting Poodle

My sadly neglected blog! Poor thing. I haven't been knitting or crocheting much lately. I blame it on summer and the lack of air conditioning in my house.

I have, however, had a special request, for a skunk air freshener cover. I haven't yet found a pattern, but I did find the farting poodle. I think I will modify the pattern somewhat to produce a skunk. Unfortunately, all the white yarn at Michaels yesterday was somewhat grimy. Ick. I draw the line at skeining, washing, and winding Red Heart. Maybe I could use cotton instead? It's going to be crocheted, after all. I do have pink and black yarn, so maybe I'll make a punk poodle while I figure out how to modify the pattern. Oh, I know! I just had an inspiration. Now, to find some white, machine-washable yarn.