Monday, April 30, 2007


That's it! If this project doesn't come out, I'm putting down the needles forever! Growl, snarl, snap. I can't seem to do anything right. I've frogged almost every single thing I've done this year and have haphazard piles of yarn to show for it. Not to mention the horrid Karaoke that is full of knots and is spun in varying weights from chunky to fingering weight. An entire bag full of knots and vegetable matter and random color matches. And sometimes, the yarn's not even knotted, it's just stuffed into the skein, loose. At least attempt to have a continuous skein, for crying out loud. It's very disconcerting to pull out random two foot strands from the center. Plus it's distinctly unpleasant to work with. I have have some older Karaoke in the stash that is nothing like this stuff. It's soft and easy to work with. And no knots! Phooey.

I started a project this afternoon that seems to be going well, so far. So far. I'm almost halfway done, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

Ok, I'm not really going to put my needles down forever. I just got another batch of Touch Me in lavender today. I have plans for it. Or maybe I'll just crochet. That will use up stash!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

So slow

I am so unmotivated about this project. I'm 10 rows from finishing the right front, and then I have the left front, the collar, and the edges to pick up. Sigh. At the rate I'm going, it won't be finished until summer. Endless rows of garter stitch is making me want to throw in some cables or bobbles or something, anything to liven it up. I was trying to finish it before starting anything else, but the end result of that is that I haven't done any knitting. I think I'll save this particular Lady for watching movies or knitting in public, and work on the Dragon Scale scarf, and the other Lady, Lady Eleanor. I have the Karaoke out where I can see it and it keeps whispering, "Knit me. I want to be Lady Eleanor. Knit me. You know you want to." Far be it for me to ignore yarn! :)

In the meantime, one of the cats has discovered that if he bats at a hank of yarn, delightful strings will pop out and the little brat mauled a skein of Socks That Rock. Luckily, I rescued it before he did any permanent damage. He's the one that needs to have the stress in his life reduced, according to the vet. I don't care how stressed he is, he still can't have my yarn. He's also discovered the swift, which he thinks is another toy. Too bad I can't teach him to wind yarn!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Dragon Scale Scarf

I cast on last night for the Dragon Scale scarf from Heritage Yarns. I'm using Baywood Yarns superwash sport in Waves. I like the pattern, it's very simple and easy to remember. I modified it slightly by slipping the first stitch, since I prefer that to a garter edge in a scarf.