Saturday, September 29, 2007

TKGA Yarn Haul

Yarn for my SP11 pal :

Argosy Lotus Blossom (merino/cashmere blend) - Grape Juice

Fleece Artist Nova Socks (100% merino) - Amethyst with the Tilting Blocks pattern

Pacific Meadows Alpacas Fingering Weight (100% alpaca) - Charcoal

Yarn for me:
Argosy Luxury Yarns Zen 4 Ply - Martha's Vineyard

Koigu KPM 1160 - a plummy shade

Koigu KPM - 1150 Hot pink (This is another one that caught my eye from across the room.)

Royale Hare Fingering Weight Superwash Merino - Calistoga Calypso - my favorite colorway of theirs
Sheep City USA Eco Wool - I saw this yarn, walked into their booth and said I'll take this, please. (The color isn't accurate here - it's much brighter pink!)

White Lies Madeline Sweater Kit with Treasure Island cotton in pink

TKGA show

I went to the TKGA show in Oakland today, just to go to the marketplace. It was a tad picked over by this morning, but at least I stayed within my budget. I bought Koigu (2 singles, I'm not sure if they are for socks or a scarf yet, but will require colorwork either), a skein of cashmere for a scarf, 2 skeins of fingering alpaca for my SP11 pal, rainbow colored sock yarn, a hand-dyed merino/cashmere blend for my SP11 pal, a skein of Fleece Artist Nova Sock with pattern for my SP11 pal, a White Lies sweater kit, a huge skein of gorgeous hand-dyed bulky wool, and a mitered shawl pattern. I like going to yarn shows when I have a pal to spoil - I get to buy more yarn that way!

I wouldn't have bought so much, but I'm celebrating. I've decided that I need to go on a yarn diet until Stitches West in February. I may not make it, but I'm going to try.

I'll post pictures later. It seems that we are having power problems, and my UPS isn't kicking in, and I don't want to take any chances with my computer.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

That's a lot of yarn!

I finished updating my stash on Ravelry and I'm awed by the total. I have 26 miles of yarn on Ravelry. That doesn't count the 2 dozen Noro Kureyon singles I'm not going to bother putting in, or the other yarns I can't be bothered to add for one reason or another. I'd better stop shopping and get knitting!

No wonder I had that terrible nightmare last night that somebody stole my yarn. And there wasn't any more to be had anywhere! In particular, I was trying to replace a merino wool with long, Noro-like color changes. Believe it or not, it had been discontinued. I was relieved that it was all a dream, although somewhat disappointed that the magical yarn didn't exist. Mmm, Noro + merino. Yummy!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I want!

I so want KnitPicks new Harmony needles. I am resisting buying them only because, well, I'm trying to live within my budget. That, and I don't really need another set of interchangeable needles. However, I think that these may make my Denise set obsolete. Decisions, decisions! I may buy a set of the 0 circulars, just because.

I've been working on my SP11 project a little bit each day. Now that we're moving into knitting weather, I'm sure I'll be knitting more and more. I have to finish my second sock, too. Once the SP11 project and the sock are done, I need to start on the Forest Canopy shawl. I also need to start the master socks from Cat Bordhi's book.

I heard from my SP11 secret pal today! :waves:

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sock picture

Here is a picture of the completed, but unblocked, sock. As you can see, even on 0 needles, my gauge is still pretty loose. I'm going to find an 000 Addi Turbo, and see if I can get sock gauge on that. If not, I guess I'll be using sport weight to make socks. Which is a pity, since I splurged on sock yarn. I suppose I could double the fingering weight up and make more anklets. Maybe I'll be making a number of lace scarves or some mitts, since a looser gauge won't matter as much on mitts as it does on socks.

As a bonus, a picture of part of my SP11 project. Isn't it pretty?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

One sock down...

One to go. No, I haven't cast on for the second sock yet. I will have a pair, though. They will be anklets, since I was bored with going round and round in circles. :) I can't cast on for any of the Cat Bordhi master socks until I finish the second sock, so that's my motivation to avoid Second Sock Syndrome.

I've started on a secret project for my SP11 pal. Finding just the right yarn and color took a week. Then it was time to swatch. I finally came up with a pattern that I like. I should have taken a picture of the Swatch Thing before I frogged it, it was very artistic, if you're into free-form knitting. The actual project is much tidier and fun to knit. The pattern was very easy to memorize.

The Swatch Thing inspired a second project that is much larger, and in a different color. It still needs to be swatched, and then I'll need to chart it. There's no way I will be able to do that one without a chart.